Sentimental Sentimentality 2006~

"Here is the world without conversion/ news, or new report to happenings/ No infant happily giggling born/ Unbearable or honorable dying"
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Ordeal on Peony(pp.1-2)

Ordeal on Peony

Liu, Liang-Yen. 2008, draft, Taipei, pp.1-2 

Here is the world without conversion
news, or new reports to Happenings 
No infant happily giggling born
Unbearable or honorable dying
Can’t be a news where.
Even for those updated awaiting awaits update
The repetitive that is gone
Twice The repetition thus
on the proscenium nation-state
quarrels of protagonists haphazard
self-determining speaks:

 however, where pathos is not pathos advances, 
on their soundless sobbing countenance, it is nothing more
than for instance
to delete someone cloudburst
and she tumbles by the tree
it is who she does and nothing more
than a schoolboy baregroin for us to see
definitely he blushes.
And thus,

“Sleep is not necessarily sleep itself, 
And we’d better take a size or fashion of ensign with courtesy,
Seriously put on the hat with oppressive appearance
we walk around the square.”

“and persuade you to believe that you are anxious for discovery
The point is, to persuade you till you agree
To meet you-know-who
If there is, and who stands by the tree,
Will he wait for your news endlessly, won’t he,
Won’t he not leave? 
such wholeheartedly loving, like a substance whatever
Bullish stone.”