Sentimental Sentimentality 2006~

"Here is the world without conversion/ news, or new report to happenings/ No infant happily giggling born/ Unbearable or honorable dying"
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Speechless UK Tour

Homage to Georges Bataille by Liang-Yen Liu #Dedicated to Speechless Tour 2008/10/10 I know nothing about multiplicity I know nothing about Asian diversity I know nothing about comprehension and interpretation Or any such curiosity. And any other approaches. I was deceived by smiles I was deceived by friendship I was deceived by global and glocolization. Smile is for misunderstanding Diversity is for discrimination Curiosity is for disguise and stereotype. I deny liberation I deny freedom I deny nation-state and homogeneity. I negate language I negate deliverability I negate applause with courtesy. I diminish writings I diminish perceiving I diminish home into imagination. I’ve withdrawn from relationship I’ve withdrawn from pictorial memory. I’ve withdrawn from love For non-love is truth And everything lies in the absence of love, And nothing exists which does not lie whenever, chance that comes to me I do not commit, and I commit nothing.